Billing: (478) 934-1133           For Transport: (866) 249-7990              Emergency: Dial 911

Vehicles and Equipment

  • All HEMS ambulances are stocked to meet and/or exceed DHR requirements.

  • HEMS utilizes ZOLL M-Series 12-Lead Cardiac Monitors and Defibrillators.

  • Drug Boxes are stocked to meet and exceed the ACLS guidelines.

  • HEMS ambulances are equipped to handle the special needs of bariatric patients.

  • HEMS ambulances are equipped with NIBP, Ventilators, and/or Oxylators.

  • HEMS support units are equipped with transport ventilators and Mini-Med III IV pumps. BIPAP is available.

  • HEMS units are checked on a daily basis to ensure that all supplies and equipment are present and in working order.